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Meet Drew: A Driving Force behind JK Logix's Success

Updated: Jun 26

JK Logix has grown into the leading Michigan secure cash and cannabis transportation company due to one specific reason: our talented team. One employee integral to our success is Drew. Drew has been with JK Logix since nearly the very start - joining us in October, 2019 (“I guess you could call me one of the OGs.”) After serving in a variety of roles throughout the company, he’s worked his way up to a fleet manager position based out of our Lansing warehousing facility in our great state's capital. 

We caught up with Drew to discuss his experience and the changing trends in the industry.

Q. Tell us a little about what goes into being a Fleet Manager in the secure transportation industry?

A. It’s a big responsibility and an exciting one. I’m in charge of overseeing our fleet of 23 vehicles, ensuring they're always road-ready, serviced, and safe. I also play a part in helping train our drivers; with a specific focus on teaching them how to inspect vehicles thoroughly.

JK Logix Fleet
JK Logix Fleet

Q. What are some of the trends you’ve been seeing lately in the Michigan cannabis industry?

Big ‘Box Stores’ > Mom & Pop

The Michigan cannabis industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Last year alone the state had over $3 BILLION in recreational and medical sales, making it the second biggest cannabis market in the country next to California. You’ll especially see that growth happen along the borders Michigan has with states that have yet to legalize. 

However, this explosive growth comes at a price as many companies (especially the smaller ones) will struggle to keep up with the complex mix of regulation, cultivation and distribution logistics needed to thrive. 

You see this trend a lot in areas like Detroit where there’s recently been a lot of consolidation. As the bigger players get bigger, they have more leverage in making bulk purchases. Some of these cost-efficiencies get passed down the supply chain which ultimately benefits the end consumers pocketbook. But it’s really the ‘mom & pop’ shops that get hit.  One thing JK Logix frequently does to help these smaller businesses is using our existing relationships with growers to build relationships with these local spots to help them get better prices.

Tax Revenue for Michigan Counties

Another thing I’ve noticed and predict will continue to grow is how many counties in Michigan want to attract new dispensaries. This is because there is an additional 10% excise tax on top of the 6% sales tax. Percentages like are were what led Michigan counties to take in $87 million in tax revenue. Those funds get reinvested back into parks, infrastructure and other public service projects that make those communities a better place to live.   

Wayne County


Washtenaw County


Kent County


Oakland County


Bay County


Michigan counties with highest revenue at county level

Data from 2023. Credit: WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Q. What’s your favorite part about working at JK Logix?

Easy. JK goes out of its way to its employees. 

A couple of years ago there was a very cold Michigan winter with an above average amount of snow. Pretty much the worst time to have our water heater break down. It was going to be a very expensive fix and, being Christmas time, we were really worried that this unexpected, cost would impact our ability to get Christmas presents for our kids. But then JK stepped in. Not only did they help me find a quality service provider, the company completely footed the bill!  This is just one of many examples that proves JK Logix isn't just about 'making money' - it's about looking out for its people and going the extra mile. 

Q. Do you have an example of a client that’s been killing it lately?

One that comes to mind is Cloud Cover, specifically their location in Webberville, Michigan. Not only do they have a talented, well-organized team, they do an incredible job with their market research strategy when it comes to selecting locations for where to build new stores. 

The JK Advantage

Why choose JK Logix? As Drew puts it plainly, they are "more than just transportation services". JK Logix offers a suite of services that you’d be hard-pressed to find. Also, while we can’t promise we’ll fix your water heater, we strive to provide the same attention to detail and care for our clients as we do to incredible teammates like Drew. 

Get in touch with JK Logix today and experience the industry-leading service that companies like Cloud Cover enjoy. Call 517-574-5930 or email

JK Logix Fleet at Night
JK Logix Fleet at Night


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