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Who We Are

JK Logix is a licensed cannabis transportation company. Our team can handle all of your cannabis and cash pick-up needs.

We take pride in protecting the products entrusted to us. Our clients can rest easy knowing their products are in our hands.

Our team is composed of highly skilled & dedicated professionals. We are proudly staffed by American veterans, retired police officers, and executive security. Every fleet team member trains to properly carry firearms throughout the state of Michigan.

The JK Logix team understands the role of a secure transporter. We know the steps to take your cannabis or cash shipment safely from its origin to its destination. We are aware of the risk and rewards of being able to work in this industry.

JK Logix connects the cannabis community one delivery at a time. Our team is the premiere provider for cannabis and cash logistics services in Michigan. 

Secure Cannabis Transportation

JK Logix provides secure transportation for cannabis and cash in the State of Michigan. We’ve made over 40,000 deliveries in the State of Michigan over the past 3 years and have no plans of slowing down.

Our Mission

Grow or Die. This mission comes from our leadership team. Our team is highly focused on continuing to grow in the industry. To grow in size, ability, technology, relationships, knowledge, and professionalism. Because we believe that without growth, our company would die.

Our Vision

We believe that we are the premiere secure transporter in Michigan. It's our vision to continue connecting the cannabis community with our resources. We believe in the marijuana industry and in the benefits of cannabis.

Let us handle your assets. 

Contact us today! Call us at 517-574-5930 or send us an email at

We are your secure, reliable, experienced cash transport and cash processincompany.

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