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Secure Transport for
Cannabis and Cash

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Security. Delivered.

We help our customers achieve their transportation goals by providing seamless and secure deliveries in Michigan. Our logistics expertise, combined with our innovative approach, provides efficient and effective cost savings for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best in customer service, employing the highest trained professionals, and utilizing the finest innovative technologies on the market.

Our Clients

Trusted by clients to form long term partnerships

Logo for Gage Cannabis Dispensary - a JK Logix client
Logo for Cloud Cover Dispensaries - a JK Logix client
Logo for Evolution Dispensaries - a JK Logix client
Logo for Michigrow - a JK Logix client
Logo for High Tiimes - a Michigan publication on the cannabis industry
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Logo for the Rair Cannabis Dispensary - a JK Logix client
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Logo for Hytek cannabis collective - a JK Logix client
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“JK Logix is unmatched when it comes to Michigan logistics services. We were hesitant about switching companies at first, but JK quickly put our worries to rest with their impeccable communication and excellent service to back it up. They are now our go-to when it comes to transport and shipping because we trust that our product will get from point A to point B safely and speedily. Thanks, JK Logix!  With great appreciation!”

“We were trying out different logistic companies, and ended up needing our product transported last minute, and JK Logix came through THAT DAY! We never looked back after that because JK’s know-how, communication, and service is unmatched in our experience. Many thanks to this company and staff. “

Our Services

JK Logix is the premier secure transporter for all of your cannabis and cash needs.

Frustrated that the other transporters cannot fulfill your orders on time? We would be too! Let us take care of it. Our team understands the ins and outs of cannabis logistics in Michigan and can deliver your products efficiently and securely; so give us a call today!

Temperature Controlled & Armored Transport - JK Logix

Who We Are

About Our Company

JK Logix is the premier secure transport organization in Michigan for all bulk, fresh frozen, and cannabis transportation needs. Your assets are safe and secure with our team. We take pride in serving the Medical Marijuana Facility Licensing Act (MMFLA) community.


Year of Establishment


Deliveries in Michigan


Armored Vehicles


Business Partners

Cannabis Logistics

JK Logix is a licensed cannabis transportation company. Our team can handle all of your cannabis and cash pick-up needs.

We take pride in protecting the products entrusted to us. Our clients can rest easy knowing their products are in our hands.

Our team is composed of highly skilled & dedicated professionals. We are proudly staffed by American veterans, retired police officers, and executive security. Every fleet team member trains to properly carry firearms throughout the state of Michigan.

The JK Logix team understands the role of a secure transporter. We know the steps to take your cannabis or cash shipment safely from its origin to its destination. We are aware of the risk and rewards of being able to work in this industry.

JK Logix connects the cannabis community one delivery at a time. We are protectors of product and paper; the premiere provider for cannabis and cash logistics services in Michigan. 

Cannabis Logistics - JK Logix

Customer Technology

Our advanced algorithmic and logistics software help to deliver your cargo faster and more efficiently than the competition.

Our service representatives work closely with your management team to craft a tailored plan for your secure transport needs.

This plan will detail routes, schedules, potential delays, and construction forecasts. Our team is dedicated to providing on-time delivery.

Regardless of your organizations' size, we can meet your specific secure transportation needs.

  • METRC Compliant Transportation Software

  • Point of Sales and Inventory Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Secure Transport

JK Logix is passionate about providing secure transport for all cannabis clients. We provide secure bulk and fresh frozen transportation for Michigan growers and operators. Our aim is to keep dispensaries stocked and to keep our clients' products on the shelves. We employ the best of the best; security experts who are seasoned in their field.

As a high-quality cannabis transportation provider, we hold safety & security to the highest standard. Our skilled team is trained in firearm handling & situational awareness. We ensure all team members are vetted to guarantee professionalism and safety for our clients.

Fleet Vehicles

  • Bi-directional cameras with real-time viewing

  • GPS tracking allows for live monitoring of locations

  • Discrete armored vehicles

  • Hands-free technology

  • Real-time data monitoring

Fleet Drivers

  • Armed

  • Tactical Gear

  • Highly Trained

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