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Armed Fleet Drivers

JK Logix goes to long lengths to hire the best and the brightest team members. Each of our fleet drivers are highly trained and focused on keeping the assets entrusted to us safe. They come from a variety of past roles in law enforcement, private security, and military duty which provides the experience needed to be prepared for any security situation.

JK Logix Employs Experienced Professionals

We have high standards for our drivers and are proud of the hard, meaningful work they do. At JK Logix, we believe the following characteristics are integral to being part of a team that delivers the highest level of service: 


  1. Proficiency in Firearms: Armed drivers must have a high level of training and certification in handling firearms. They must be comfortable with guns and be able to safely and accurately operate them. Each of our fleet drivers is licensed with the state of Michigan to carry a concealed firearm. 

  2. Excellent Judgment: Operators need to be able to think clearly and make sound decisions in tense or dangerous situations.

  3. Strong Communication Skills: Operators must be articulate and able to communicate effectively with clients, fellow guards, and law enforcement authorities.

  4. Physical Fitness: Being an armed driver requires physical agility, as well as strength and endurance for long periods of standing or sitting.

  5. Good Character: JK Logix drivers must uphold high ethical standards and be trustworthy, responsible, and dependable.

  6. Attention to Detail: Drivers need to be vigilant and detail-oriented to quickly identify potential security threats and prevent them from escalating.

Armed Fleet Drivers - JK Logix

Let us handle your assets. 

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Temperature Controlled & Armored Transport - JK Logix
Secure Transport Driver

We are looking for highly skilled secure transport drivers. Our team is comprised of energetic and hardworking individuals who possess a drive to succeed. We support our drivers with continued training, generous pay, and strict safety measures.

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