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Armed & Armored. The two most important elements to ensure transportation security.

Any time drivers get behind the wheel, they’re taking a risk. And when they get behind the wheel to transport high-value goods like cannabis, cannabis products and cash, that risk kicks up a few more notches.

Secure transportation companies take meticulous steps to ensure safety, security and speed through every step of the journey. Secure transportation drivers, for instance, must pass certain legal requirements to be eligible to drive. A governing body — Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs — keeps tabs on all secure transport vehicles.

But even with the world’s best drivers and the strictest regulatory oversight, nothing matters without a state-of-the-art secure fleet of vehicles.

Armored Vehicles, INKAS, 3 Secure Vans in a row under a blue sky | JK Logix

Are you checking every box for safe transportation with the most secure armored vehicle services?

Read below — and let us know.

What makes the best secure transport vehicle?

The obvious first: A secure transport vehicle has to be secure. But “security” is a broad term — and the specifics matter. All armored vehicles in a safe transportation fleet should have security features like smart locking systems, bullet-resistant windows, and reinforced doors and hinges. These features are table stakes for safe transport. If a fleet doesn’t have these features at a minimum, the product in transit could be at risk. 

But external security isn’t the only safety measure you should consider. With consumable products, temperature control is a critical safety measure. What good is getting your product from point A to point B if it’s damaged en route?

Temperature Controlled Secure Transport Vehicle | JK Logix

This is especially important for safe transportation in the cannabis industry. Cannabis products contain cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) that degrade when exposed to high temperatures. 

Other cannabis products — like chocolates, gummies, batters and butters, will degrade or be ruined at much lower temperatures.

A top-of-the-line safe transport fleet will use chillers for their vehicles. JK Logix, for example, uses Carrier or Thermoking chillers in box trucks and secure transport vans to ensure product quality and integrity. Other features, like temperature control and humidifiers, are used in the most secure transportation vehicles. The quality of the product is your reputation — and your reputation is priceless.

You should also consider how a company uses technology when researching armored vehicle services. The most advanced safe transport fleets use video surveillance, Metrc-compliant transportation software and secure tracking systems to monitor shipment movements. 

Secure Vehicle Driving over Mackinac Bridge | JK Logix

What are the State of Michigan regulations on armored transport?

Transport vehicles must not bear any markings that identify they carry cash or marijuana products. Marijuana and cash must be transported in separate secured containers that cannot be accessed during transport — and may not be carried in the same container together.

The Michigan Legislature laws surrounding driver eligibility and requirements are strict. For instance, all shipments must be made by at least two people, while one person is required to stay in the transport vehicle at all times during delivery. Additionally, route plans and manifests must be entered into the statewide monitoring system, and a copy of those plans must be carried in the transporting vehicle and presented to a law enforcement officer upon request.

In terms of location and operation, secure transportation companies must adhere to the same guidelines as growers and dispensaries. That means a safe transportation company’s primary place of business has to be located in a municipality that has opted into the Medical Marijuana Facility Licensing Act. Safe transportation companies also cannot be involved in any other part of the marijuana industry, like selling products.

Finally, secure transportation companies cannot maintain custody of marijuana products for more than 96 hours, making speed and efficiency critical. 

3 Secure Fleet Vehicles at Headquarters | JK Logix

A world-class secure transportation fleet

At JK Logix, we have 20 vans in our statewide Michigan fleet.

10 Ford Transit vans 

  • Five of the eight Ford Transit vans are armored.

  • All armored vans have temperature control and humidifiers in the rear.

4 Chevy Express box vans

  • Two feature freezer units.

4 Isuzu box trucks

  • Two feature freezer units. 

1 Ram ProMaster box van

  • Used primarily for trips to the Upper Peninsula.

1 Freightliner 22-foot truck 

  • Used for larger orders for biomass and other special order requests.

Secure Delivery with Secure Fleet and Armed Guard | JK Logix

What should I look for when hiring an armored vehicle service? 

Remember the 3 S’s: Safety, security and speed. Don’t compromise — find a secure transportation fleet that offers all three.

When it comes to transporting high-value goods, there are ways to minimize your risks. With stringent hiring and compliance laws, most safe transportation companies follow the same guidelines. As a result, the differentiator between companies often lies in the security of their fleets.

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