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Cash Transportation

Combining time-tested reliability with cutting-edge technology to provide a faster, safer, more efficient Michigan cash transport service. 

Cash is the lifeblood of your business.


Trusting an expert to handle cash transportation and security increases operational efficiency, reduces stress, and ensures that your business and employees are safe and free to focus on what moves your business forward.

What are the three things that matter most to a business owner when choosing a cash transport company? 


  • Security: You want to know your cash will get where it needs to go — safely. 

  • Reliability: You want to know your cash will arrive on time.

  • Experience: You want to know you’re working with a partner with a proven track record.

Armored Transport - JK Logix

Equipment & Technology

JK Logix is equipped with a state-of-the-art armored cash transport fleet, so you can breathe easily while your cash is in transport.


JK Logix cash transport guard vehicles come equipped with:

  • Bi-directional cameras with real-time viewing

  • GPS tracking for live monitoring of locations

  • Hands-free technology

  • Real-time data monitoring

  • Smart locking systems, integrated access control modules, and reinforced door hinges

  • Enterprise resource planning to collect, manage and interpret key data

  • Customized logistics for every cash transport 

  • Detailed routes, schedules, potential delays, and construction forecasts

Our JK Logix armored cash transport vehicles look exactly like regular vans, emphasizing discreteness and a low profile throughout the cash transport process. We safely get your cash where it needs to go — faster and more efficiently than the competition.

Cash Processing

JK Logix helps our banks to transform everyday cash functions into powerful operational improvements that drive cash management efficiencies, lower risk, and enhance competitive advantage.


Unlock the potential of cash and payment processing with JK Logix. Boost operational improvements and cash management efficiency, while mitigating risk and increasing competitive advantage.


We offer comprehensive services like branch and central bank shipments, payment verification, commercial deposit processing, change order service, inventory management, and information reporting to financial institutions.


With advanced facilities, trained staff, and our expertise in security speed and accuracy – let JK Logix help you get ahead!

Cash Processing - JK Logix

Who is JK Logix’s cash transport client base?

We specialize in working with MMFLA provisional centers, cultivators, processors, laboratories, financial institutions, and retail businesses.


Are my assets insured with JK Logix? 

JK Logix is fully compliant and has all licenses, permits, insurance, and bonding required by the State of Michigan.


Each of our fleet drivers is licensed with the State of Michigan to carry a concealed firearm. Our cash transport route plans are also entered into a tracking system to comply with Michigan State Police requirements.


Your assets are fully insured with us both on the road and in our secure facilities. 

Why should I choose JK Logix for my cash transport services? 


Security, Reliability, and Experience are the JK Logix cornerstones. 


We’ve built those cornerstones on three strengths: a state-of-the-art armored cash transport fleet, effective technology, and experienced professionals.

Benefits of JK Logix transport services

  • No risk of unsecured cash deposits at the bank

  • Clear visibility over your operations

  • More time for you and your employees to focus on your day-to-day business 

  • Cash on hand when you need it, for whatever you need it

At JK Logix, we’ve completed more than 40,000 safe, timely, and successful deliveries. Our team of American veterans, retired police officers, and executive security is armed, vetted, and trained to do one thing — get your cash where it needs to go, when it needs to go.

Cash Processing - JK Logix
Cash Processing - JK Logix

Let us handle your cash transportation and cash processing needs!

Contact us today! Call us at 517-574-5930 or send us an email at

We are your secure, reliable, experienced cash transport and cash processincompany.

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