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JK Logix Services

Safe, Secure, On-Time.

We are Michigan's premiere secure transporter of cannabis and cash.
Our team is highly skilled and provides exceptional customer service.
Your assets are safe with us.

JK Logix is a licensed cannabis transportation company in the state of Michigan. We service all provisional centers, cultivators, processors, and laboratories with our armed and secure fleet.

The MMFLA requires an internet, data-based Statewide Monitoring System to track the movement of all marijuana on a 24 hour / 365-day basis. This ensures that only registered patients purchase medical marijuana and not in amounts in excess of limits established under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Cannabis Transportatio

At JK Logix, we take great pride in our ability to serve the MMFLA market with the safest, most reliable armored transport.

Our highly skilled team also transports valuables such as cash and monetary notes. Our trained drivers know the importance of keeping our client's assets safe.

If you are a provisional center, cultivator, processor, or laboratory who needs to securely transport your cash, we've got you covered.

Cash Transportation

Our newest fleet addition, the Ice Box, can hold massive bulk quantities of your premium fresh frozen product at freezing temperatures! 

We can accommodate any type of climate-controlled transfer. This includes orders of all sizes at frozen or other particular temperatures. 

Our service representatives work closely with our clients to set up a tailored secure transport plan that ensures each product is transported safely, correctly, and chilled to perfection.

Temperature Controlled

The State of Michigan currently allows secure transportation companies to hold products for a maximum of 96 hours. But, if this law changes in the future we would be ready to store your assets longer.

Our facilities provide temperature-controlled secure storage. This storage is monitored 24/7 with CCTV and armed guards. They are also equipped with secure vaults behind gated barriers. There are live check-ins throughout the day to ensure our facility's security. 

On-Site Asset Storage

Our team does secure transport right, our fleet is discreet. We drive armored transport vehicles that look no different than any other van--making them highly discreet and ideal for cannabis transportation.


Equipped with a climate-controlled interior that keeps your products fresh, the cannabis transport vehicle offers great maneuverability, dependability, and comfort for all-day driving.

Our cannabis transport vehicles offer enough power to carry large payloads. The armored vans feature smart locking systems, integrated access control modules, and reinforced door hinges--all designed for cannabis in transit.

A diagram that shows various features of a secure transportation vehicle including: cameras, climate control, layouts, etc.
Armored Trucks

Each of our fleet drivers is licensed with the state of Michigan to carry a concealed firearm. Our drivers are highly trained and focused on keeping the assets entrusted to us, safe. We are prepared for all situations and have countless experiences from past roles in law enforcement, private security, and military duty.


Concealed carry is legal for residents with a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) and for non-residents that are at least 21 years old and who have licenses/permits from their state of residency. CPLs are issued to residents only, with exceptions for the active-duty military stationed in Michigan as well as active-duty military stationed outside of Michigan, if Michigan is the applicant’s home of record.

Armed Fleet Drivers

JK Logix focuses on helping make secure transport safer, more reliable, and more efficient. We take initiative in point of sales, enterprise resource planning, and inventory management. Our technology is innovating transportation and logistics.

Key Services

  • METRC Compliant Transportation Software

  • Point of Sales and Inventory Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Technology

JK Logix has all required licenses, permits, insurance, and bonding required by the State of Michigan. We are always compliant with Michigan marijuana laws. All transfers will be uploaded into the METRC system correctly and immediately. Route plans will be entered into the tracking system to comply with State Police requirements.

All assets we transport for our clients are fully covered with us on the road and in our secure facility.

Insured and Compliant
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