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Michigan Cannabis Transportation

Getting from point A to point B isn’t always a simple trip when it comes to transporting cannabis. Transporting cannabis in the state of Michigan requires companies to follow heavily regulated guidelines and the best cannabis/marijuana transportation companies adhere to higher internal standards to ensure product remains fresh, safe, and ontime.

How to find the best Cannabis Transportation company

There are four key qualities that we see JK Logix and our 60+ clients appreciate the most. 

  1. Reliable and secure delivery: Dispensaries want assurance that their cannabis products are being transported securely, with minimal risk of theft or damage. We’ve seen this reason alone as why many clients switch to JK as we proudly maintain a perfect safety record. 

  2. Licensed professionals: It is important for dispensaries to know that the drivers transporting their cannabis products are trained, armed, and licensed professionals who understand the risks and regulations associated with transporting these products.

  3. Cost efficiency: Dispensaries also want affordable services, so they can be sure the cost of ordering transportation doesn’t significantly affect their bottom line. One of the best ways we’ve found to pass cost savings off to our clients is through economies of scale, bundling services (such as asset monitoring and storage), and integrating resource planning & inventory management technology

  4. Advanced security measures: Many dispensary owners require advanced security measures like GPS tracking and real-time updates on delivery status to ensure optimal safety for their goods in transit.


Some clients that trust JK Logix with their cannabis transportation needs.

Logo for Gage Cannabis Dispensary - a JK Logix client
Logo for Cloud Cover - a JK Logix client
Logo for Evolution - a Michigan JK Logix client
Logo for Michigrow - a Michigan JK Logix client
Logo for High Times - a Michigan based publication on the cannabis industry
Logo for Platinum Vape - a Michigan JK Logix client
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What kind of compliance is needed in Michigan?

When it comes to transportation compliance, all roads lead back to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA.) This Act was established to ensure patient access to safe, quality-controlled products while providing oversight of licensed facilities across the state. 


Protip: If you’re working with an unlicensed MMFLA company, run away. Fast. 


MMFLA licensing requirements: 

The MMFLA requires companies seeking licensure to pass a background check: 

  • provide proof of identity

  • have a secure facility with specific security requirements including video cameras, alarm systems, and other safety measures

  • Adhere to packaging, labeling and testing requirements as set forth by the state.

MMFLA transportation protocols:

  • Secure transportation vehicles must be used for transporting cannabis. 

  • Cannabis transportation services may only be provided by an entity possessing both a Marijuana Business License and a Marijuana Secure Transporter License issued by the state.  The best place to start is with the 

  • Companies must transport cannabis in one or more sealed containers and the containers must not be accessible while in transit. 

  • Any secure transporting vehicle must not bear any markings that indicate it is carrying cannabis. 

  • Then, probably a no-brainer, but while transporting marijuana and marijuana products is legal, consuming marijuana in transit is definitely NOT.

Let us handle your assets. 

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