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Temperature Controlled

The latest addition to the JK Logix feel uses cutting edge climate control technology to transfer massive quantities of heat sensitive product at the exact temperature it requires to maintain the highest quality.

How does temperature controlled transportation work?

The Ice Box helps make sure that goods remain within temperatures that are safe for products and can handle long-distance trips without spoiling. The components of climate-controlled technology include climate-controlled trucks, air conditioners, insulation, and other cooling systems. These systems work by drawing in ambient air, cooling it, and then releasing it inside the cargo bay to keep goods contained at the desired temperatures.

Why are Temperature Controlled vehicles important when transporting cannabis/marijuana products?

Quality, quality, quality. 

Your customers would never settle for stale marijuana flower or melted edibles. So why would you?


This video shows an edible consistency after 30 minutes spent on dashboard of non temperature controlled vehicle.

Temperature Controlled Transport - JK Logix

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