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Why to Trust the Same Secure Transportation Service for Both Cash and Cannabis

For most people, the idea of secure transportation conjures up the same few images: armored vehicles, professional drivers, and high-end technology.

But true security goes beyond physical characteristics and modern hardware.

True security relies on trust. Trust in a company’s people, process, and promises. Trust that a company will do what it says it will — on time and on budget. Trust in end-to-end security. 

As Michigan’s secure transportation landscape continues to evolve, more companies are trusting both their cash and cannabis transportation to one company. 

Read below to learn why. 

Armed JK Logix Messenger

Cash or cannabis? Why not both? 

Vetting a service you can trust with the lifeblood of your business — your cash and your cannabis — is a time-intensive process. (Trust us, we know from hiring our armed drivers.)

It’s not enough to make sure a secure transportation company’s armored vehicles are up to par. You also have to vet things like their track record, communication abilities, professionalism, Google reviews, and adherence to Michigan legal guidelines.

In large part, this is why so much of the industry is shifting to lean on one secure transport service for both their cash and cannabis deliveries. 

Most cannabis transportation compliance guidelines lean on the requirements of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). The MMFLA has a handful of guidelines companies must abide by, including:

  • Strict packaging, labeling, and testing requirements. 

  • A secure facility with specific security requirements.

  • Rules for how cannabis must be stored and transported.

Beyond simply following the MMFLA’s guidelines, JK Logix is fully compliant and has all licenses, permits, insurance, and bonding required by the State of Michigan. Additionally, our armored fleet drivers are all licensed with the State of Michigan to carry a concealed firearm, and our transport route plans are entered into a tracking system to comply with Michigan State Police requirements. 

That means your assets are fully insured with us both on the road and in our secure facilities. 

As a secure transportation company, we know trust is built every time we get your delivery safely from Point A to Point B. But to improve your bottom line, we also pride ourselves in cost efficiency. By bundling services and integrating resource planning and inventory management technology, we’re able to pass cost savings through to our clients.

By handling both cash and cannabis deliveries, we’re also able to save you time by working with one trusted service for all your secure transportation needs.

Cash laid out on a desk

The keys to safe cash transportation

JK Logix has completed more than 40,000 deliveries for clients. Many of those clients — provisional centers, cultivators, processors, and laboratories — also operate in the MMLFA market. And over and over, these clients tell us they want the same three things:

  • Security.

  • Reliability.

  • Experience.

Physical security requires a world-class armored cash transport fleet, which requires not cutting corners on vehicles or technology. 

On the outside, JK Logix designs our cash transport guard vehicles to look just like regular vans to stay discreet. But inside and back in our headquarters, our armored fleet is equipped with: 

  • Smart locking systems, integrated access control modules, and reinforced door hinges

  • Enterprise resource planning to collect, manage, and interpret key data

  • Detailed routes, schedules, potential delays, and construction forecasts

  • Customized logistics for every cash transport 

  • Bi-directional cameras with real-time viewing

  • GPS tracking for live monitoring of locations

  • Real-time data monitoring

  • Hands-free technology

But secure cash transportation doesn’t end once the cash arrives at its destination. That’s why JK Logix also offers comprehensive services like:

  • Information reporting to financial institutions

  • Branch and central bank shipments

  • Commercial deposit processing

  • Inventory management

  • Change order service

  • Payment verification

In addition to making more than 40,000 safe deliveries, our drivers have covered more than 3.5 million miles for clients, highlighting our experience both on the road and through the final delivery. We emphasize reliability when hiring our armed fleet drivers, many of whom have backgrounds as American service veterans, retired police officers, and executive security. 

That’s a lot of words.

But our clients keep coming back to us for the same three:




Three secure vehicles in front of JK Lansing office

A combination worth your consideration

Using the same company for both your cash and cannabis delivery is simple, but not always easy. Many secure transportation services in Michigan aren’t licensed to provide both services, forcing business owners to fracture their approach and deal with multiple companies. 

In both cash and cannabis transportation, legal guidelines are strict and require close attention to detail. By using multiple Michigan armored vehicle services for different parts of your business, you’re at risk of increasing the odds that one of your partners is found in violation of either a State of Michigan or MMFLA regulation. To cut down on that risk, consider finding one safe transportation you trust — and sticking with them.


With JK Logix, you can breathe easily while both your cash and cannabis are in transit. We pride ourselves in not just security, reliability, and experience, but also in giving you clear visibility over your operations so you can stress less and focus more on your day-to-day. 

Rather than wasting the time vetting and building trust with multiple companies, consider working with JK Logix for both your cash and cannabis secure transportation needs. 

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