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Armored Transport

In the state of Michigan, using a secure, armored vehicle to transport cannabis isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’. It’s a ‘must-have’ protection against theft or other potential risks to your product!

What features should an armored vehicle have to ensure safe transport?

When comparing secure transportation options, there are a few must-have features you’ll always want to ensure your cannabis and/or cash is protected: 

  • Armored vehicles: Security features should include smart locking systems, bullet resistant windows, and reinforced doors and hinges 

  • Power: The JK Logix fleet boasts the strength to carry large payloads.

  • Transparency: You should be able to monitor where your products are at all times. Not only is this a key part of a cost-effective and dependable logistics system, it allows you to monitor movement mile by mile from point A to point B.

  • Interior security: With a customizable interior layout, products are fully protected and organized. Our vehicles also are equipped with a secure DVR system, drop safe, and anti-slip flooring.

Custom specifications: When it comes to transporting product with distinct specifications like cannabis, it’s important that Armored vehicles have interior control systems. That’s why we’ve equipped each JK Logix van with humidity and climate control technology that maintains product integrity over long trips.

Why customers choose JK Logix for secure transport

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we make sure to maintain the best-in-class fleet of armored vehicles by focusing on three important factors:

  1. First and foremost, we employ an experienced and trustworthy team of expert drivers. With a JK Logix operator behind the wheel you’re guaranteed an industry leading level of trust that your product is as secure as possible.

  2. We’re known by our shield, but you won’t find any logo or other identifier on any of our vehicles. Flashy signage can paint a moving target on your product. A discreet fleet is the safe and legal way to go.

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When it comes to transporting something as valuable as cash and cannabis, there are two factors we hear again and again as the reason our clients’ continue to work with us: safety and dependability.

“JK Logix is unmatched when it comes to Michigan logistics services. We were hesitant about switching companies at first, but JK quickly put our worries to rest with their impeccable communication and excellent service to back it up. They are now our go-to when it comes to transport and shipping because we trust that our product will get from point A to point B safely and speedily. Thanks, JK Logix!  With great appreciation!”

Let us handle your assets. 

Contact us today! Call us at 517-574-5930 or send us an email at

We are your secure, reliable, experienced cash transport and cash processincompany.

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