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Michigan Marijuana Transportation Series: 2024 Guide for Transporting Recreational Marijuana

Updated: Feb 13

Aerial view of red car driving along winding road in forest

Welcome to part one of the Michigan Marijuana Transport series! In this series, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide for how to transport marijuana in Michigan.

In this post, we will highlight the important things to know about transporting recreational marijuana in Michigan. This guide will provide you with the essential information you need so you can legally transport your marijuana from a dispensary to your destination.

You'll also find a handy little infographic at the end of this post that provides a visual overview of the main deets. You're welcome!


How much marijuana can I drive with in my car?

Person weighing marijuana buds on scale

POV: You drive to your local dispensary to purchase some of your favorite marijuana products for tonight’s game. But just how much are you allowed to have in your car at one time?

Drivers of legal purchase age, which is 21 years and up, can drive with up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in their car. No more than 15 grams of this marijuana may be in concentrate form.

Recreational users can also drive with 3 immature marijuana plants at a time.


Do I need to put my marijuana somewhere specific in my car?

Bag inside trunk of a car

After buying your marijuana products and making sure you don’t have too much in your car, does it matter where you put your purchases in your vehicle?

It is recommended that drivers place marijuana in a secure location within the car, such as the trunk, to make it clear it is not being consumed while driving.


Can I bring my marijuana out of state?

Map of Michigan with surrounding states

It is not recommended you transport marijuana over state lines. Not all states have legalized marijuana use and drivers could be subject to the law of any state they drive through. Meaning, if you get pulled over in a state that has not legalized recreational marijuana use and you have marijuana in your car then you could face legal consequences. Additionally, it is even possible for drivers to be charged with drug trafficking if they transport marijuana over state lines. Drivers also cannot transport marijuana from the United States into Canada in their vehicle.


Can I use marijuana while driving?

View from the backseat of a man driving a car

Drivers and their passengers are not permitted to use any marijuana products while driving. The driver also cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.

Police officers monitor for impairment based on driving, through observations of the driver, or using field sobriety tests. If marijuana impairment is suspected, the police officer can request a chemical test. If the driver refuses the chemical test, his or her license would be suspended because of Michigan’s implied consent law. Under this law, drivers are considered to have given their consent for a chemical test when they renew their driver’s license.

Currently, Michigan has a zero-tolerance policy, which means no amount of marijuana can be present in a person’s system while driving.


What happens if I break any of the rules regarding transporting recreational marijuana?

Close up of the lights on a police car

The penalties for operating under the influence of marihuana are the same as operating under the influence of alcohol. These penalties can include up to 93 days in jail, up to a $500 fine, license suspension, six points on a person’s driving record, and more. There are heightened penalties if a driver has minors in the vehicle.


So there you have it: the basics of what you should know to responsibly and legally drive with your recreational marijuana purchases in Michigan.

Check out the infographic below and share it with your friends!

And as always, stay safe out there and remember that this information is not legal advice but is for educational purposes only.

Infographic of driving with marijuana in Michigan


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